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Welcome Accord Cases UK

The Premier retailers of Accord Carbon Cases, hand-made in Croatia, from the original SoundPost- Owned and run by Brian Cohen and Jane Walters: the specialist violin and guitar shop located in Guildford, Surrey, UK. Established in 1972, we have been in our current premises since 1997. We are makers of fine stringed instruments, and agents for many specialized and unique quality items. Accord UK : e-mail HERE

The Accord Cases

Accord Case Repairs- Notice:

Notice to all owners of Accord cases: We will carry out some minor repairs 'in-house' ( ie new or additional handles, backpacks, new D rings, latches, or other very minor work- we cannot repair cracked shells, this would be a job only for the makers) on any Accord case originally purchased from us, only, and this special service is offered to our own loyal and established clients.
We have No Liability or Responsibility for cases Purchased Elsewhere. If you have purchased your case via another retailer, be it online, or from abroad, or a dealer in the UK, then if you want your case repaired, refurbished etc, then please go back directly to the original supplier of your case, or contact the makers in Croatia, who may be able to help, or offer suggestions as to what to do.
We have had a number of requests ( some even abusive) for service or repair for these cases purchased elsewhere, and while we sympathise, we urge owners to go back to the original supplier of their case to deal with it, just as for any other product. Thank you.

2016 Website Update: In the past, we have had this website fully operational but have opted now to limit it to this one information page only, in order to preserve the rights to our photographs, information etc, and we prefer to reply to all questions, and supply all information, personally. So please e mail or telephone for details. The links above to pages, models and prices as above will not work, so please direct all your enquiries for the present directly to 'SoundPost', linked on the right,---> or via this e mail link Accord UK where we will be happy to deal with all new enquiries. Thank you.

September 2016, In stock now, for immediate delivery: one Accord 2.8 standard case, Medium, 3-D Safari gloss, and one 3.4 Hybrid, medium, in Matte White, both come with the normal 2 padded straps- All other extras can be fitted here, incl Backpacks, extra Stabilizing Feet, and shoulder handles. Enquire for specifications and prices, please.

Accord Cases are handmade in Croatia- the ultimate in lightweight carbonfibre instrument cases. As UK direct importers ( W are no longer the sole UK distributor, ( Accord has no trade distributor currently in the UK ) for these cases, we stock and offer them for retail sale only, in the UK, via our Guildford shop, 'SoundPost', as we have been doing since 1997 when Accord was founded. We invite you to visit the Accord website, as linked above, for all information on their products. As the premier UK Retailers and only UK Stockist, we offer full back-up on the cases supplied by us, as well as being able to supply and fit the many other options available to cases purchased directly from us. Custom artwork can be commissioned, have a look at Accord's gallery, linked above, for some ideas of their work. For special commissions, a non-refundable deposit will be taken at the time of placing the order. For Suggested Retail Prices please enquire, and from our retail shop 'SoundPost' prices are the most competitive you will find.

We have been supplying Accord cases , and other carbon fibre cases, longer than any other UK retailer, and as such we have built up more detailed and expert knowledge than anyone else, and we are happy to advise you on your selection.

Please also be aware that these cases may be offered at lower prices from some online sellers: most notably from a shop bearing a same similar to our parent shop ie SoundPost: But please be aware that '' is based in Canada, and although they quote in sterling, you will need to add VAT at 20% , freight which is expensive for cello cases, and be aware that no valid warrantee is available, as they are selling outside their region, and it is difficult to implement Canadian law from the UK in the case of a dispute or refund, and no back-up is offered. We will only warrantee and offer back up to cases which we ourselves supply.

The Cases: The cases are often 'bespoke', and being hand-made, no two are exactly alike. For some models, especially the cello cases, various shell sizes are offered to ensure the best fit for your cello. We also insist on customers filling in a 'specification sheet' , before placing an order, which we will e mail to you on request, to ensure the best shell size for your instrument. You can alternatively bring in your instrument, and we can measure up here, for no additional charge. We hold the widest and only stock of these cases in the UK, and can usually ensure 'next day' delivery, and this stock covers most of the range. We also offer some special extra fittings for these cases, i.e. the stabilizing feet, the backpacks, special cushion packs, special neck blocks, the special bow holders, and flight covers, all of which we will fit only to cases supplied by us.

Take a tour through our site!

Please take a tour through the website- hopefully you will find what you are looking for: If you do not find it easy to use, please contact us and say so- we will try to improve it- your feedback will be welcomed.

Not all products we stock are listed on the site however- so if you do not find what you want, call and ask- we may well have it, or know where to get it and can order for you. We are always pleased to discuss and advise. Opening times and all contact details, directions etc. on our 'Contact' page.